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Technical Competence

With regards to Waste Operations it is important to ensure the correct technical competence for your operators, it is important to give the right training there are a number of Institutes that offer training for specific operations.

What does WAMITAB Training Involve? - How to achieve Technical Competence - Do SWEL offer WAMITAB Training?

Techical Competence - Buzz Words


WAMITAB was established in 1989 with a remit to determine and advise on policy and standards of education, qualifications and training for all employees in the Waste Management Industry. WAMITAB is the awarding body for the waste management industry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and joint awarding body, with SQA, for qualifications in Scotland.


Chartered Institution of Wastes Management the leading professional body for waste and resource management.

How to achieve technical competence.

When the environmental permitting regulations were first introduced the EA (Environment Agency) made various allowances for site operators who were moving from paragraph exemptions to environmental permits. These worked by assuming that the operator was competent as they had been running a permitted site for a number of years, and so a window of 1 year was given for they to get an NVQ qualification for the management of their site.

If you applying for a new permit you will have to either nominate a technically competent manager, perhaps a consultant or to immediately start on training.

What does WAMITAB training involve.

Training to achieve technical competence is not overly demanding, and just about anyone can successfully complete the training. Do not let the word "technical" put you off! The NVQ route is best for those with less academic confidence and involves building up a folder of information over a number of weeks, each chapter of the folder covers different aspects of your operation, one chapter may focus on acceptance of wastes for example, and contain a method statement, and a waste transfer form amongst other things.

Do SWEL offer WAMITAB training?

Southwest Environmental do not provide WAMITAB training, but can provide a technically competent person to meet requirements whilst you carry out your own training.


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Odour Management Plan

Site Condition Report

Site Management Plan

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Technical Competance Requirements for environmenta permitting regulations
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SWEL Environmental Consultants do not provide training for WAMITAB, this has to arranged via your local WAMITAB Center (Southwest), they will advise on which units of study you will have to take. Different Permits will require a different set of units to be studied, if you all ready have some units it may be possible to "top-up" exist units to bring your self to an appropriate level of technical competence.

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