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Mobile Plant Land Spreading Environmental Permit Application

Spreading treated wastes on land to add nutrients to the soil, is a key part in the recovery of wastes.

A client who composts large volumes of green wastes, needed a compliance solution for an expiring paragraph 7 exemption.

Land Spreading with Mobile Plant requires operation specific supporting documents and deployment reports with relate to the area of land where the spreading will occur. These deployment reports contain information on the characteristics of the waste to be spread, and the receiving soil, to check whether the soil will benefit.

Each area of land to be utilized under the Spreading Permit must have a deployment report passed off by by the Environment Agency before spreading can begin.

For spreading permits that are intended to provide "benefit" the benefit must be proven, for agricultural use this means providing an agricultural benefit statement.

To save time the mobile plant land spreading environmental permit application and the mobile plant land spreading deployment report were submitted simultaneously.

SWEL Consultants prepared supporting documentation for the application which was stipulated within the permit for a standard permit application these include:

- An Odour Management Plan

- An Environmental Management Plan

SWEL will offer practical solutions to problems that may arise during the application process.
Land Spreading Mobile Plant Permit Application

SWEL Consultants have considerable experience in dealing environmental permit applications, and welcome any enquiries regarding compliance or quality management.

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