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Air Abatement Design

Air Abatement (sometimes called Emission Abatement) is a process my which smoke (for example) is cleaned up (simplified) before it is released from a factory chimney (for example). Fleshing out this example, we might spray a limey drizzle down a coal fired power station chimney to remove acid forming gases, and create calcium sulphate.

In the real world thing are a bit more complicated, and tightly controlled but the processes by which we clean up would be air borne emissions from industry are often very simple. When designing Air Abatement we would look at the emissions created and suggest Air Abatement to suite. Many Air Abatement technologies are suitable for a wide variety of would be pollutants.

The services we provide would be delivered as follows:

Desk Based Study

A desk based study in to Air Abatement systems for your proposal may reveal a wealth of secondary data which can enable us to assessable a statistical likelihood, of emissions occurring within a certain range. This might only inform sufficient to choose the type of abatement, and will seldom provide enough confidence to provides a capacity or full design, but can be useful in providing a Design Brief, or Basis of Design suitable for a planning application or permit application.


It may well be required that we undertake monitoring of emission points. We can then use a test rig to decide on effective abatement. Some care will be required in the design of this monitoring program as the industrial processes occurring must reflect the  real world use of the installation, post commissioning. This monitoring can often be commissioned with plant trail period to save time in delivery of finished system.

Options Appraisal

Pending trails and monitoring we will know what abatement options will provide adequate abatement.