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Air Quality Neutrality Assessment

Air Quality Neutrality is a relatively recent, and seemingly simple concept. That is no being applied to Planning Application within London.

The Mayor of London's Guide Document (Air Quality Neutral - November 2022) is quite a short document, at 33 pages.  And introduces an assessment method, that differs dependent on the size of the project.


Whether a Building Emissions Benchmark (BEB) or a Transport Emissions Benchmark (TEB), benchmarking features heavily within the guide.

Building Emissions Benchmark (BEB)

Transport Emissions Benchmark (TEB)

Minor Development

Building Emissions Benchmark (BEB) for Minor Development

Air Quality Neutrality in Minor Developments is given a simplified process, with a short cut to Building Emissions Benchmarking:

Where minor developments include new heating systems, they can be assumed to meet the BEB if:

Transport Emissions Benchmark (TEB) for Minor Development

Car free developments and those with no additional car parking spaces (provided similar use is maintained) then could qualify as exempt.

Air Quality Neutrality Assessment Report

For minor developments we can typically cover neutrality requirements with a chapter in an Air Quality Assessment. However, for Major Developments we can provide a Standalone Air Quality Neutrality Assessment Report. Please contact us for a quotation.