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Flood Resistant Design


flood_resilient_foundationsTraditional Footing (left) allow the ingress of water through permeable concrete blocks and then through the cavity, from below ground level.

Flood design starts from BELOW the ground up.

Up and Over

flood resistant design up and overOne method of resistant design that is quite novel is up and over resistance. In this system of flood resistant design the occupier enters the living accommodation by travelling up and over a tanked cell, in which the lower half of the building will reside.

This tanked construction can keep the occupier safe and dry during a "design" flood event. Extra mitigation can be added via the use of flood doors.

Using this method ramps or steps can be added to allow access. It is important that the tanked cell does not have any leaks. Although any contractor familiar with constructing basements should be able to advise on construction methods.