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Vary an IPPC Permit

Although some older Installation may still operate under IPPC. The EA would love to see you move on to their new system but it is possible to vary an IPPC permit. Most In order to obtain a permit to operate an installation, the operator completes the permit application that demonstrates how they will:

As part of the application process, permit operating conditions are agreed with the regulator and must include:

The operator must also consider the condition of the site at the time of the original application. This will contribute to assessing the need for restoration if the installation closes.

In determining the application, the regulator must be satisfied that the operator has addressed the above points appropriately. It is therefore the operator's responsibility to demonstrate that this is the case.

Once the regulator has issued a permit, the operator of an IPPC installation will have to carry out monitoring to demonstrate compliance with the permit conditions. Regulators will also carry out their own monitoring and inspections, and have a range of enforcement powers.

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