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Paragraph 24 Construction Waste Exemption to T7 or Environmental Permit

If you are operating under a Paragraph 24 Exemption for the processing of construction wastes such as bricks and tiles then you will need to move on the the new EPR regulation by the October 2013.

A T7 exemption will cover you for small amounts of wastes, but it is likely for concerns of normal size that you will need to apply for an inert waste transfer station or a waste transfer station permit, this will allow you to store and process large volume 25,ooo tones , of waste.

Although these will allow considerable amount of inert waste to be processed, they require rather a lot of paper work such as Environmental Management Plans and Site Condition Reports.

Limits for a T7 exemption are:

 a) No more than 20 tones of waste are treated over any period of one hour;   
 b) No more than 200t of waste are stored at any one time;   

c) The waste is stored in a secure place (i.e. non accessible to the general public and from where waste cannot escape) prior to processing;   

d) The treatment is carried out at the place where the waste was produced OR at the location where the processed material is to be used;

The whole process may take months to complete so its best to start early, SWEL have direct experience in applying for this type of permit.
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