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Para 4 Exemption to T1 or Bespoke Permit

In October 2012 the paragraph 4 exemptions will be replaced with an Environmental Permit equivalent, if you process under 300 tons per week, and don't store more than 300 tones at at any one time, then you can apply for the new T1 Exemption, which if the above limits and other factors are adhered to provide compliance for you operation.

If you intend to process wastes over the amounts mentioned above then you will probably need to apply for an Environmental Permit.

This is well worth avoiding as it is a costly process with the application fees probably around the £3000 mark, and considerably higher consultancy fees on top of this.

You will need to prepare various supporting documents and submit them with your application.

If you would like some help with the preparation for your environmental permit application then please gibe SWEL a ring (number at top of page) and we will be glad to offer our environmental consultancy services.
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