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Para 6 Sludge Exemption to Spreading Permit

A paragraph 6 exemption will changed over to the Environmental Permitting System as of October 2012.

A land spreading permit can be sought in connection with different non-disposal based operation such as spreading on land to confer agricultural benefit.

Depending on your type of "sludge" it will be classified at a certain risk to the environment, and based on this assessed risk, you will then have to try and prove benefit to the land on which you are spreading.

Add to this the need for site specific risk assessments, and various operational documents such as odour management plans, and you may find that you have a lot of work on your hands.

SWEL take a pragmatic and minimalist view to obtaining a permit for our clients, we want to see you up and running quickly, and believe it or not, as cheaply as possible. If we can deliver on both of these objectives then we consider we will have done our job well.

Land Spreading Permit Case Study

 In 2019 SWEL have applied for a Spreading Permit for Sewage Sludge (Septic Tanks and Waste Water Treatment) including deployment applications.

sludge to land permit
Valtra Oy Ab [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


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