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Para 9 Exemption to U1 or Environmental Permit

In October 2011 Paragraph 9 Exemption will ceases to be and the new exemptions system or and environmental permit will have to be used.

The new U1 exemption has very tight upper limit and it almost certain that you will have to move to a Use of Waste in Construction Permit, or a Use of Waste for the Re-profiling of Land Permit.

Although these will allow considerable amount of inert waste to be recovered to land, they require rather a lot of paper work such as Waste Recovery Plans and Site Condition Reports.

The whole process may take months to complete so its best to start early. The key is to make a quantitaive argument on why you need to use waste.

The EA are well aware that use of waste on construction sites can save money, or in many cases make profit, but the a finacial reason is not allowable. Your proposal must be viable using virgin materials in order to be considered as waste recovery.

Image: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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