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Environmental Symposium

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We can arrange environmental symposiums for visiting delegates. We have arranged symposiums for oversees policy makers, and environmental enforcement personnel, and welcome the opportunity to educate visitors on the complex and varied environmental issues that we in the UK are facing, along with our response to those problems.

We would never suggest that the UK has the best way of doing things, but we provide content that is both accurate and critical. We will point out strengths and weakness in equal measure. A symposium can be organised for a group of a around 20 to 30 people. And typically numbers are not greater than this owing to the specialized nature of content delivery. However, for large groups and broader topics, we would be glad to arrange a conference. We typically build an event based on a few details taken form you our client and work with you to make sure we meet you expectations.

We believe that in order to provide the best educational experince, we should provide pleasant surrounding, good facilities, and you can count on a memorable and well assembled symposium, which is well time tabled and stuffed with relevant content.

Venues for Environmental Syposiums

Most oversees delegates arrive in to London Airports, and as such we offer numerous venues within the city to suite any group size and any budget. For groups of up to 10 delegates, choices are very broad, and we can normally find a conference room where it is requested, for larger groups especially over 20 we would recommend basing yourselves in west London. There are ready transport links with Heathrow, and provided there is spare time, when the Symposium has finished you will find yourself in the most interesting part of London, with numerous Parks, Museums or Shows to choose from for further entertainment.

The west of London also offers some of the most iconic venues, in age old seats of academic learning. We appreciate that the location of your symposium is not overly important, but if you have travelled a long way to get there, then why not make you symposium a bit special with prestige venue.

Speakers for Environmental Symposiums

This is perhaps the most difficult job we face in organizing a symposium. Speakers have to be carefully chosen. The Environment is such a large topic, and generally we will provide speakers on a particular topic. These might include the following:

Whilst there are a few speakers who might cover 2, or 3 of these topics, it is very unlikely that you will find one speaker who can cover all of them in any detail, and so we enter a balancing act between expense, depth of content and time allowable.


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