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Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-assessment Report

Southwest Environmental were approached by a company seeking to gain planning permission for a residential development in the London Borough of Islingston Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-assessment Report. The project sought to attain a Level 5 in Code for Sustainable Homes.

A Code 5 development has to achieve a 100% emissions reduction and this can be difficult for developments using an energy source with a high carbon intensity (electricity or oil) primary heating source giving a high TER. Using a gas turbine combined heat and power plant for community heating the development already demonstrated a 28% reduction in emissions.

Other emissions savings were gained through extremely high airtightness (q50 = 3) and super insulation. However this still gave a positive DER and and so renewables were added in the form of PV solar to reduce emissions to -1.33 kg/CO2/m2.

The above information covers just one aspect of the Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-assessment Report, and there are many others.

Also considered were:

-Water Usage

-Home User Guides

- Other Assessment Criteria

If you would like assistance with specification for Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 and 6 projects than please contact SWEL. We understand the balance between zero carbon homes and capital outlay. Efficiency is best worked on first followed by cleaner energy sources and finally costly renewables.