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Carbon Consultants

This page collects together the Carbon related Consultancy Services Southwest Environmental offer to our clients. Most services relate to carbon reduction strategy whether that be for the construction of a new "thing" (products, buildings or services) or the optimisation of a a process (operational carbon emissions).

There is a very strong relationship between the cost of "thing" or a process and the amount of carbon it creates. Increasing efficiency of a operational or capital measures will often reduce costs.

Sustainability Measures via Carbon Savings

We can help you identify the most cost effect sustainability measures, and help save you a a quantifiable amount of carbon.

Carbon in the Built Environment

Most of our carbon related work relates to the

Zero Carbon Reports

If you are planning a zero carbon development we can help write reports of this nature.

Carbon Capture and Storage

This is not proving a very popular concept, but one or two carbon capture and storage permits have been issued. We can help with these.

Carbon Labels

Would you like to place a carbon label on your product that describes the amount of embodied carbon? We can help design and implement such a scheme.

Carbon Life Cycle Assessment

Carbon is produced at all stages of manufacture. SWEL can conduct Life Cycle Assessment to determine the amount of carbon produced by your process.

Carbon Efficiency Plans

A relatively new concept introduced by WRAP. Carbon Efficiency Plans aim to reduce carbon emissions.