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Southwest Environmental Limited undertake a wide variety of sustainability reporting for architects and developers. Simple or Complicated we can provide a quote so please contact us.

More and more often we see the the impact of sustainability on planning application and build methods. Local / District Planning authorities may ask for sustainability statements. Whilst mandatory sustainability elements are ever increased with the Building Regulations. The New Part L documents will be more more stringent than ever when it comes to sustainability.

Although capital outlay for sustainability initiatives can be higher, the building will enjoy lower running costs, owing to reduced energy and water usage.

This is why projects such as schools (for example) benefit from systems such as BREEAM and housing projects can add value by adhering to the the Code for Sustainable Homes. A step further, and you might consider the Passive House (Passivhaus) Standard.

Please feel free to telephone the office for an informal discussion regarding any of the services we provide.

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Sustainability Advice offered by SWEL

code for sustainable homes

ecology impact assessment

sustainability statement

implication of protected species legislation

green commuter plan

utilities and rain water harvesting

residents travel plan

transport assessment

acoustic design report

access by bicycle

traffic flow matrix

traffic report


Which locations do SWEL cover?

We will provide Sustainability Consultancy Services in any part of the UK, we have offices in London, Bristol and Exeter.

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