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Areas Affected by Phosphate Planning Embargo

Originating in the South of England with the Solent Nitrate Problem, the implications of the Dutch N Ruling have spread across the UK. We have moved this list from our Phosphates Assessment Page as it was getting too long.


In the south west of England the main area affected by Phosphate Neutrality requirements and therefore requiring Phosphate Assessments at Planning is the Parrett Catchment. A plan of which is shown below.

Map of River Parrett



The River Dart may soon be subject to a Phosphate Moratorium.

Map of River Dart

East Devon

Phosphates on the River Axe (Devon) have been mentioned in April 2022 on East Devon Website

Map of River Axe


Cornwall Council have recently released their Phosphate Calculator. At present this relates to the Camel Catchment, as shown below.

Map of River Camel


Carmarthenshire District Council have recently release their Nutrient Budget Calculator. In Carmarthenshire, the Afon Teifi, Afon Tywi (River Towy), River Wye and Afon Cleddau are located in special areas of conservation.

Afon Teifi

The Afon Teifi Catchment is affected by Phosphate Ruling. 

Map of Afon Teifi



Afon Tywi

The Afon Tywi Catchment is affected by Phosphate Ruling. 

Afon Cleddau

The Afon Cleddau Catchment is affected by Phosphate Ruling. 

Map of Cleddau





If you would like to talk about this further then please do contact us (01173 270 092 or swenviro+bristol@gmail.com ).


The River Avon, Hampshire

Map of River Avon, Hampshire


The River Eden (River Eden SAC ) with 2500 homes affected by Phosphate Embargo

Map of River Eden


Kent’s River Stour  (Stodmarsh  SAC & SSSI)

Map of River Stour


(River Lugg catchment and the Wye SAC )

Map of River Wye


(River Clun SAC)

Map of River Clun