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Nutrient Neutrality Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (NNAMS)

If you require a Phosphate Assessment for you planning application in Mendip District Council you may well have been asked for a Nutrient Neutrality Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (NNAMS).

Southwest Environmental Limited have been working on the Parrett Phosphate Issue since its emergence late in 2020. We have dozens of reports lodged with Mendip District Council relating to Phosphates.

A Nutrient Neutrality Assessment and Mitigation Strategy will suggest one of two overall routes:

On-Site Mitigation

Typically this would be a treatment plant, filtrations system, and a constructed wetland. This is a good option if you have around 100m2 of spare space on your site (per house). However, these private drainage systems, can be contest on the back of the 30m rule.

Off-Site Mitigation

If you are building in a town, or a smaller plot with no room for mitigation on-site, you will need to create an off-site scheme. This is best achieved via tree planting, to create woodland. Constructed woodlands are take up less space than woodland, but are more costly to implement and the choice of suitable locations is few and far between. For a woodland scheme you will require approx. 0.5 hectares per dwelling.

Nutrient Neutrality Reports

If you need a Nutrient Neutrality Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (NNAMS) for you planning application please do contact us for a fixed price quotation. Email our Bristol Office, with plans and we will quote a price. Our turnaround time is approx. 5 to 10 working days. We are fast and flexible workers.

Mendip Council is mostly cover by Wessex Water: Location of Wessex Water Sewage Treatment Works