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ESOS Assessments

If you require an ESOS Assessment to be Undertaken please contact us for a no obligation discussion.

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. The Environment Agency is the UK scheme administrator. Most of the below is cut and paste from the ESOS Guide.

Do you Qualify for ESOS

You qualify to be subject to ESOS id you are a large undertaking:

Energy Supplies

For the purposes of calculating your total energy supply, which is done to identify your areas of significant energy consumption, you only need to consider input energy. Only include heat where you are importing the heat to your site or process. Where the heat is obtained by converting another source of energy such as gas into heat (on site) then exclude the heat produced to avoid double counting. However please note that all heat must be included in your audits and energy profiles.


All energy use in buildings is included in ESOS. In relation to multi-tenanted buildings and landlord-tenant relationships, under ESOS the responsibility to include energy within an organisation�s total energy consumption calculation is determined by whether the participant is; � supplied with that energy and � consumes that energy by the assets it holds or by the activities it carries out.

Construction Activities

Items that do not need to be included in the calculation of total energy consumption include show homes or the office building under construction where you use grid electricity in the building during the construction of it but which you will no longer have responsibility for on the compliance date. However, if you are using generators on sites then you must include the input fuels in your total energy consumption if you hold them on the qualification date and the compliance date.


ESOS participants may also be part of other energy management/reporting schemes, like:

� the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)

� Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

� the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC)

� mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting for quoted UK companies

� streamlined energy and carbon reporting (SECR) from April 2019.

Please note that simply being part of these other schemes does not automatically count as ESOS compliance for the energy covered by those regimes. You can use energy data you collect as part of your compliance with these schemes to calculate your total energy consumption for your ESOS Assessment but you are likely to have to do additional work to ensure you are also compliant with ESOS.

Site Visits

You must carry out site visits as part of your ESOS energy audit, but you don�t have to visit every site where large undertakings hold more than one site. You must make sure you�ve collected and analysed data for all your areas of significant energy consumption regardless of the number of site visits.

Organisations with multiple sites or assets that are identical or very similar can take a proportionate approach and apply the energy saving opportunities identified in their site visits to their wider portfolio. The lead assessor and participant organisation should determine a suitable site visit sampling approach to reflect the energy consumption patterns oft heir assets and activities.