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Downwash Analysis

Downwash Analysis often gives very unexpected results. This is why the Downwash Analysis is such a useful tool, it takes away some of the guess work of what would otherwise be a hopeless task, trying to estimate environmental conditions and stack heights to mitigate against those conditions.

downwashTypically the more irregular the surrounding area the more complex and variable the downwash will be. Shapes and heights of buildings and their orientation relative to prevailing winds, will determine the required stack height in order to avoid downwash effects, that is the concentration of emissions is certain areas owing to eddie currents and the likes.

We use a computer model to work out the require stack height in order to avoid negative down wash effects.

Downwash Theory is quite old, most the the maths was thought up 20 years ago. The model we use builds on this tried and tested calculation method, and allows for very complex modeling. 

The affect that downwash will have on emissions plumes will depend on the various variables we introduce in to the Downwash Analysis model.

Downwash Analysis Variables

The affect that downwash will have on emissions plumes will depend on:

Downwash Analysis Consultancy

If you have concerns regarding adequate stacks heights, or the effects that new building will have on downwash from an existing stack, then please contact us and we can crunch the numbers. Initial consultations are always free, and we will move quickly to provide a quotation and deliver a thorough and robust report.