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SimaPro Modelling

 The go to modeling software for life cycle assessment is SimaPro. The software is a better choice than a spread sheet life cycle assessment solution because:


Aims of Sima Pro Modelling

The end result of the software is to give a graph as displayed to the right which might show either a standalone product or system, but more commonly a comparison between two or more products.

In addition to comparing products you can add in product scenarios, or change the scope of the LCA. For example you may choose to include disposal in one scenario but not another to illustrate disposal impacts relative to products whole life cycle impacts.

But before we get to this point there is a moderate or very large amount of leg work to do. We have to "build" the lifecycle of the product or system. For a paper clip this is relatively easy, but for a packaged ready meal it is a big big job.

All images on this page are courtesy of SimaPro, providers of Life Cycle Assessment Software. We have their permission to use these images.

Process contributions are the meat of LCA, provided you have a well established emissions inventory. Process contributions are split in to various subcategories, such as assembly or reuse. In order to accurately model a product or system you will need to know how the product or system is made.

In this respect a farmer would be a poor choice to undertake air craft manufacture LCA, and vice versa. To model accurately it requires common sense knowledge of the system at hand.

It also requires a knowledge of context particularly when dealing with products from differing countries. By example the "finishing" (final feeding) of cattle is carried out very differently between the USA and the UK, and as such you can not readily compare beef LCA between the USA and the UK readily without knowledge of both systems.

Typically when conducting LCA we will sub-contract an industry specialist to "sanity check" our model, as it is very easy to misunderstand a system if we do not have access to industry specific knowledge.

SimaPro Interface

As mentioned above a certain amount of context is required to accurately model luckily the inventories or libraries built within SimaPro are very well established and by example include for different foot printing for electric between differing counties.

The model is very complex, and we cannot touch on that complexity here. Introductory manuals run to 160 pages. But we hope you will consider Southwest Environmental Limited to carry out your SimaPro Modelling.

sima pro process