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Waste Recovery Plan - Construction of Bund

The visual impact of the (for example - acoustic might be another) grain stores can be mitigated via the construction of the proposed bund, the bund extends to around 4 meters in height, which will obscure the view of the grain store when viewing from the open country side. On completion of the bund trees are to be planted along the ridge to increase its effectiveness as a visual barrier.

The bund is a logical choice for a visual barrier owing to the waste stream being produced by PPP, rather than this waste go to landfill it is a more sustainable option to recover this waste in the construction of a bund that mitigates visual impact. Trees would be slow to provide this barrier perhaps taking 10 years or more to grow to a sufficient height to provide a visual barrier, other manufactured solution would create unjustified environmental impacts owing to the ready and plentiful source of inert materials occurring on a daily basis, from the company’s construction activities.

So as to prove the mitigating effect of the bund with regards to visual impact a selection of 3D visualisations should be prepared;


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