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Construction Management Plan

constructionwate pie chartA Construction management plans aims to address various sustainability issues that may be encountered during the construction phase of a project.

It will contain advice on:

Minimising waste (see pie chart)

This aspect of the project might also be covered by a site waste management plan, a site waste management is mandatory for projects over £500,000. Waste management is a key part of the construction management plan for smaller projects, if followed can save you money.

Preventing Spills

If you consider the cost of cleaning up even a small spill, it makes economic sense to prevent it happening. Spill kits and bunded pallets are cheap, and easy to use. . . prevention is better than cure etc etc.

The construction management plan should include information on Hazard Identification. Training your staff to look out for hazards around site, is beneficial and can protect you from costly clean up, damage and accidents.

Storage of Oils

Covered by the oil storage regulations, again prevention better than cure, tips should be provided in the construction management plan.

Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Emergency Response Plan

Useful Contacts (the EA etc)

A site waste management plan may well also be included within a construction management plan. SWEL Consultants can provide you with a construction site management plan at a very reasonable cost.

A good construction management plan will also identify responsible person on site and provide there contact details.