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What are the Thresholds for Travel Plans?

If you project is over the below thresholds you may require a Travel Plan. Southwest Environmental Limited can help produce one of these if you need help with it.

Development/ Change of use category Description of development Unit Threshold
A1 Food retail Travel Plan Threshold Retail sale of food to the public - food superstores, supermarkets, convenience food stores. Gross Floor Area > 800 sq m
A1 Non-food retail Travel Plan Threshold

Retail sale of non-food goods to the public; but includes sandwich bars - sandwiches or other cold food purchased and consumed off the premises; internet cafés.


Gross Floor Area > 1500 sq m
A2 Financial and professional services Travel Plan Threshold Financial services – banks, building societies and bureaux de change, professional services (other than health or medical services) – estate agents and employment agencies, other services – betting shops, principally where services are provided to visiting members of the public. Gross Floor Area > 2500 sq m
A3 Restaurants and cafes Travel Plan Threshold Restaurants and cafés – use for the sale of food for consumption on the premises, excludes internet cafés (now A1). Gross Floor Area > 2500 sq m
A4 Drinking establishments Travel Plan Threshold Use as a public house, wine-bar or other drinking establishment. Gross Floor Area > 600 sq m
A5 Hot food takeaway Travel Plan Threshold Use for the sale of hot food consumption on or off the premises. Gross Floor Area >500 sq m
B1 Business Travel Plan Threshold  a) Offices other than within Class A2 (financial and professional services) b) Research and development - laboratories, studios   c) Light  industry Gross Floor Area >2500 sq m
B2 General Industrial Travel Plan Threshold  General industry (other than classified as in B1), The former 'special industrial' use classes, B3 - B7, are now all encompassed in the B2 use class Gross Floor Area > 4000 sq m
B8 Storage or distribution Travel Plan Threshold Storage or distribution centres - wholesale warehouses, distribution centres and repositories. Gross Floor Area > 5000 sq m
Hotels C1 Travel Plan Threshold Threshold Hotels, boarding houses and guest houses, development falls within this class if 'no significant element of care is provided'. Bedrooms >100 bedrooms
C2 Residential institutions - hospitals, nursing homes Travel Plan Threshold Used for the provision of residential accommodation and care to people in need of care. Beds > 50 beds
C2 Residential institutions - residential education Travel Plan Threshold Boarding schools and training centres. Students > 150 students
C2 Residential institutions - institutional hostels Travel Plan Threshold Homeless shelters, accommodation for people with learning difficulties and people on probation. Residents > 400 residents
C3 Dwelling houses Travel Plan Threshold Dwellings for individuals, families of not more than six people living together as a single household. Not more than six people living together includes - students or young people sharing a dwelling and small group homes for disabled or handicapped people living together in the community. Dwelling Units > 80 units
D1 Non-residential institutions Travel Plan Threshold Medical and health services - clinics and health centres, crèches, day nurseries, day centres and consulting rooms (no attached to the consultant's or doctor's house), museums, public libraries, art galleries, exhibition halls, non-residential education and training centres, places of worship, religious instruction and church halls. Gross Floor Area > 1000 sq m
D2 Assembly & Leisure Travel Plan Threshold Cinemas, dance and concert halls, sports halls, swimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums, bingo halls and casinos, other indoor and outdoor sports and leisure uses not involving motorised vehicles or firearms Gross Floor Area > 1500 sq m
Others Travel Plan Threshold

For example: stadium, retail warehouse clubs, amusement arcades, launderettes, petrol filling stations, taxi businesses, car/vehicle hire businesses and the selling and displaying of motor vehicles, nightclubs, theatres, hostels, builders' yards, garden centres, POs, travel and ticket agencies, hairdressers, funeral directors, hire shops, dry cleaners.


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