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Review of Atmospheric Phosphate Deposition

Phosphorus in Agriculture and in Relation to Water Quality

Prepared at the request of the Agriculture and Environment Committee[1], and released November 2005 gives some values for deposition: Total atmospheric input at 0.22 kg P/ha made only a small contribution to the total input budget because of the small farm size. and . . . .  and 93 kg from atmospheric deposition, the latter was larger than for the dairy farm because although the input was smaller, 0.11 kg P/ha, the farm size was greater. 

DEFRA Soil Nutrient Balances England

2020 Published 9 September 2021 this HTML resource[2] give a value of 3000 tons of deposition annual in England. 3 Million kg divided over 18 million hectares gives a figure for atmospheric deposition at 0.16 kg P/ha.

Atmospheric Phosphorus Deposition Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

This is an Accepted Manuscript[1], which has been through the Royal Society of Chemistry peer review process and has been accepted for publication. It contains many reference values in the form a literature review. Median of 20 published studies was 0.063 g / m2 or 0.630kg/ha.

Enhanced atmospheric phosphorus deposition in Asia and Europe

 In this study, the authors compiled 396 published observations of atmospheric P deposition from 1959 to 2020 on the global scale. This 2021 Paper[2] gives a value of 0.32 kg ha yr.

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