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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The EPD system is a method of displaying a manufactures or a service provided environmental impact, and also the things they are doing to reduce that impact.

It is important to have a system, because otherwise respective purchasers or users of the product of service will not know if the declaration was prepared on a like for like basis. EPD therefore relies very heavily on standards for life cycle analysis

Life Cycle Assessment

At the core of any EPD is a life cycle assessment report. This follows the rules as set out in the relevant PCR. Product Category Rules (Aim) aim to further standardise the approach taken by assessors to make sure that studies are comparable as possible.


A verifier is a individual or company who specialises in checking over any work prior to verification. They we will need to be qualified for the type of certification you hope to achive.


When all of the metaphorical ducks are aligned, then one can submit the reports and forms for certification to a relent certification body. There are a number of different certification bodies that you can use. We are not affiliated with any of the below organisations: 

 EPD (Enivondec)

The oldest certification body is the "International EPD System" they use the logo below.

EPD Logo

Norge EPD

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a concise third-party verified and registered document with transparent and comparable information on products' environmental performance throughout the life cycle. Both the underlying LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) and the EPD are always based on international standards. More than 1500 EPDs from over 220 companies are now published and freely available at EPD-Norway.

norge EPD logo


EPD Hub makes publishing Environmental Product Declarations easy, reliable, automated, and cost-effective for manufacturers and consultants anywhere in the world. 

How Can We Help?

In time it may be that Life Cycle Assessment and the resultant EPD can be completed in just a few clicks (but never one click), and when that happens it will be good for the planet as we will be able to easily compare 10,000s products.

But for now it there is a moderate, to large amount of work involved in producing an EPD. We can arrange the whole process for you. Please call us to discuss, or drop us an email to tell us about the product or services you would like an EPD for.