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Flood Depth & Flow Data Map Bristol

The below map shows flood flow and depth data used in a Flood Risk Assessment in Bristol.

This data is taken from the Bristol Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Modelling Report.

Flood Risk Depth Map Bristol

This map contains lots of data. For a Flood Risk Assessment we typically use a 1:100 flood depth. This means a flood event that occurs only once every 100 or 200 years, so a really bad flood. In more recent years we are also required to add a climate change adjustment for the flood, typically allowing for 40% greater flow in rivers, and therefore deeper water.


Look for the above descriptor when choosing the flood depth. We have guessed what it means but fairly sure, this is 2120 Flood Outline Level for Climate Change Adjusted 1:100 Year Event. And this is the Flood Level we would use for a design flood level.

Please use below map as you see fit, if you would like a Flood Risk Assessment for your project please contact us.