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Project Management

Southwest Environmental Limited will manage any project where we feel that the "backbone" of the project is Environmental. We would consider the delivery of any such project start to finish from conceptual stage, design, build, implementation, through to post-completion reporting. Please contact us if you would like to discuss things further. Contact details are at the top of the page.

Organic Wastes Processing

Processing of Organic wastes via Composting of Anaerobic Digestion. Design, Planning, Compliance and Quality Management.

Organic Waste & Composting
Implementation of PAS 100

Spreading Waste on Land

Anaerobic Digestion


Ship Recycling

Marine waste recovery, recycling and disposal. Compliant and cost effective solutions delivered on time and within budget.

Ship Recycling Page


Inert Waste Recovery

Bunds and Land Raising Schemes, designed and managed whilst maintaining environmental compliance.

Our Project Management Experience   

Recovery in Bunds and Land Raise Schemes


Turnkey Waste Management Sites

As part of delivery of turn key waste management sites we have commissioned design and build portal frame building projects, with supporting planning and permit application.

Waste Transfers Station Set-Up Costs


Our Project Management Experience

Southwest Environmental have managed numerous projects of various scales. Projects are typically focused around delivery of a waste recovery or transfer operation.

Within the project thus far undertaken SWEL have managed projects through from conception, planning, compliance, operational and quality management to deliver workable and stable systems to our clients. We work within budgets and or time constraints to manage of project on our clients behalf.

Inert Waste Scheme Project Management

Charges for disposing inert waste to landfill have increased over the past 10 years, and as such a waste recovery scheme can generate significant income as a purposeful addition to a large scale project, when building large agricultural buildings or when raising land levels to counter flood risk import of inert wastes as a waste recovery operation can make good sense.

A project of this nature would involve design, planning applications, permit applications and likely restoration quality assurance.

During the operational phase of the project it is necessary to maintain good records at all times, both in terms of waste types and waste quantities. Below is described the project management process in detail.

Design of an Inert Waste Scheme

An inert waste scheme from the out set must be an appropriate size relative to the intended end site use. A bund for example should be sized so as to maximize input fill material, but not be excessive in width. After all it is the height of the bund that will provide benefit in the terms of visual or noise screening.

After scaling the second consideration is the stability of bund for example, are the slopes stable when considering the types of fill materials forecasted? Is the ground strong enough to support the bund. Geotechnical matters will need to be considered.

Inert Waste Planning Application

At the planning stage it is important to make preliminary enquiries with the county planning office. They will likely have concerns regarding transport and other impacts, which will need to be addressed.

Environmental Permit Application

As well as typical supporting documents such as management plans and site condition reports, a waste recovery operation will require a waste recovery plan. This plan spells out to the Environment Agency why the bund for example is needed. Financial gain from the import of wastes is not considered, and benefit in the form of visual or acoustic screening must be scientifically proven.

Operational Phase

Project management during the operational phase is likely to be the longest phase of any inert waste recovery scheme. Maintaining records necessary for compliant operation under an environmental permit, important. It is likely that fill placement will have to be closely monitored during the operational phase to ensure that the resultant earthworks are stable.

Quality Assurance

Finally before hand over works are verified to ensure that fill has been placed to the agreed standard.

Organic Waste Business Project Management

Organic wastes processed via composting or anaerobic digestion has the potential generate significant income to the operator. Anaerobic digestion is often implemented primarily as a means of energy production, but is still a popular method for treatment of wastes.

A project of this nature would involve design, planning applications, permit applications and likely quality management system.