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Visual Impact Assessment for Livestock Shed


Agricultural buildings are getting bigger and bigger and they may sometimes require a visual impact assessment, particularly if they are sited within areas of environmental significance such as SSSIs or AONBs.

This was the case with a large poultry unit planned in Somerset which was some 7 meters in height at the roof appex.

A thorough site survey is the key to a visual impact assessment and no exceptions were made in this instance.

The report includes photo montages and 3D models of the proposed development, the software used can virtualize images as seen from receptors (people living around the area) and give planners an idea of likely impacts.

Visual Impact Assessment  - Report Contents

taunton_deaneThe repot contains the following information:

2.0       Local Plan & Other Local Documentation

2.1       Taunton Deane District Local Plan

2.2       Blackdown Hills Management Plan 2009-2014

2.2.1    Policies

2.2.2    Strategic Environmental Assessment Objectives


3.0       Natural Landscape Character


4.0       Landscape Character Area


5.0       Landscape and Visual Impacts

5.1       Landscape Impacts

5.1.1    Contrast

5.1.2    High Ground

5.1.3    3D Modelling

5.2       Visual Impacts

5.2.1    Photo Location with “No Change” on Visual Impact

5.2.2    Photo Locations with “Low” Visual Impact

5.2.3    Photos Locations with “Medium” Visual Impact


6.0       Mitigation


7.0       Conclusions


8.0       Certification