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Example Environmental Consultant Projects

Contaminated Land

Desktop Study to Discharge Planning Condition

Environmental Site Investigation for Healthcare Trust

Waste & Permitting

Open Windrow Composting Environmental Permit Application

Environmental Permit Application for Waste Oil Processing Facility

Discharge Consent Application (Environmental Permit)  

Alterations to an IPPC Permit

Environmental Permit Application for Waste Transfer Station

Recovery of Waste Permit

Land Spreading Environmental Permit Application


Sustainability Statement for Healthcare Development

Renewable Energy Appraisal

Construction Environmental Management Plan

Sustainability Statement - Code Level 5

Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-assessment


Implementation of PAS 100

Flood Risk

Flood Risk Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Visual Impact Assessment for Wind Farm

Visual Impact Assessment for Intensive Live Stock Farm

Environmental Impact Assessment - South Africa

Environmental Management

Aspects and Impacts Register - ISO 14001

Environmental Management System