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Complexity Attribute Look-Up Table

The below complexity attributes are used in the OPRA spreadsheet to attribute complexity to a waste operation. An operation with an "A" rated (low complexity) complexity attribute will cost less (application and subsistence fees) than a more complex operation. Example:

There are two "joke" complexity attributes in the below list. They are clearly labeled. Humour (or an attempt at it) is my only defense against this wall of hyper bureaucracy.

List of Complexity Attributes

A01 -Co-disposal landfill site -Open - EEE

A01 -Co-disposal landfill site -Closed  - B

A02 -Other landfill site taking hazardous waste -Open  - EE

A02 -Other landfill site taking hazardous waste -Closed

B2A03 -Borehole (Closed)

BA04 -Household, commercial and industrial waste landfill - Open -  DD

A04 -Household, commercial and industrial waste landfill -Closed - B

 A04 -Dredging sites B3A05 -Landfill taking non-biodegradable wastes -Open - C

A05 -Landfill taking non-biodegradable wastes -Closed

AL05 -Landfill Directive compliant inert landfill -Open

CL05 -landfill Directive compliant inert landfill -Closed   - A

A06 -Landfill taking other wastes -Open -  C

A06 -Landfill taking other wastes -Closed  -  A

A07 -Industrial waste landfill (factory curtilage) -Open   - C

A07 -Industrial waste landfill (factory curtilage) -Closed -  A

A08 -Lagoon –Open  - C

A08 -Lagoon –ClosedATransfer / treatment

A09 -Hazardous waste transfer station  - D

A10 -In-house storage facility  - B

A11 -Household, commercial and industrial waste transfer station  - C

A12 -Clinical waste transfer station  - D

A13 -Household waste amenity site not taking hazardous waste  - B

A13a -Household waste amenity site takinghazardous waste - C

A14 -Transfer station taking non-biodegradable wastes - B

A15 -Material recycling facility - A

A16 -Physical treatment of non-hazardous waste facility

A16a – Physical treatment of hazardous waste - AD

A17 -Physico-chemical treatment facility - E

A18 -Incinerator (other than pet crematorium) - D

A19 -Metal recycling site (vehicle dismantler)

A19a - End of life vehicles <2500 tonne per year - C

A20 - Metal recycling site (MRS) (mixed) - C

A21 -Chemical treatment facility - E

A22 -Composting facility - C

A23 -Biological treatment facility-  C

A24 -Mobile plant B 5A25 -Deposit of waste to land as a recovery operation-  B

A26 - Facility for conversion of spent loo roll tubes in to toy telescopes - A (Joke: Category not used in Opra)

A27 -Incinerator (pet crematorium) - A

A28 - Facility for conversion of waste coconuts in to bio degradable lawn bowling balls  - A (Joke: Category not used in Opra)

A29 -Gas engine for burning of landfill or other bio-gas - B