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Sustainable Design and Construction Statement

We can find that Sustainability Statements or Energy Statements are rebadged or expanded upon in some geographical areas. Haringey is one such example, where their Sustainable Design and Construction Statement has branched out to cover the flowing topics:

For some topics some detail is required. For example many projects will required to be zero carbon, and as such will need to include fairly detailed calculations showing a route to zedro carbon. These needn't be full blown SAP or SBEM calculations, but some form of quantification is required.

Surface Water Drainage Strategy to include SUDs details and attenuation volumes will typically be required.

As with all planning applications, chapters in over view reports can inflate, to include separate assessments. For example Transport chapters in a Sustainable Design and Construction Statement can often raise more questions than they answer, which is why we would typically avoid a chapter on transport, or reference a Transport Assessment if previously published.